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North Carolina Soccer Hall of Fame

Michael F. and Brendan J. Moylan

Mike Moylan

  Brendan Moylan
Michael Moylan   Brendan Moylan

Co-founders of Hillsborough, NC, based Eurosport, the world’s largest soccer retailer, Mike and Brendan Moylan took an early step to tie their lives and livelihood to the growing popularity of soccer not just in Durham or North Carolina but in the entire country. While still in high school, as part of a senior project, Mike developed a business plan for a retail and mail-order soccer enterprise. What emerged was Sports Endeavors, incorporated in 1984, and a retail store and catalog, both called Eurosport.

A close friend and business associate says about Mike and Brendan that “it’s always been about competing and winning with style. You can see this from their very first catalog in 1984 all the way through to the present day soccer.com website. The catalog and website were always as much about informing the American fan about the heritage, pageantry and personalities of the beautiful game, as it was about selling soccer gear. It was also apparent when you visited any of Eurosport’s corporate headquarters, which no matter how cramped always felt like a combination of a soccer museum and the boot room of Anfield, home ground of Liverpool FC, with autographed paraphernalia strewn about and one or two All-Americans/Olympic Gold medalists answering phones.”

Michael and Brendan Moylan's HOF Induction Bio

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